Revolutionizing Accounting with AI

Experience the future of accounting with COUNT, an AI-driven solution for business owners and entrepreneurs. Say goodbye to complex jargon and tedious manual tasks, and hello to simplified insights and automation.

AI Automation:

Effortlessly streamline financial processes with AI automation. From predicting expenses to reconciling accounts, let COUNT handle the heavy lifting, saving time and reducing errors.
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Financial Management:

Take control of your finances with COUNT's comprehensive financial management tools. Easily track bills, generate detailed reports, and gain insights into revenue streams for informed decision-making.
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Invoicing & Payments:

Simplify invoicing and payment processes with COUNT. Create professional invoices, accept payments via credit card or bank transfer, all seamlessly integrated into one platform for a hassle-free experience.
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Real-time Reporting:

Stay informed with real-time reporting capabilities. Generate detailed reports showcasing key metrics, financial performance, and revenue insights, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for business growth.
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Comparing the features

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Count App
User Interface
Intuitive, plain English prompts
Complex, traditional interface
AI-driven Automation
Limited automation capabilities
Avoids complex accounting jargon
Utilizes technical accounting terms
Suitable for non-accountants
Target towards accountants
Predictive Analytics
Provides insights and forecasts
Limited predictive analytics
Affordable subscription plans
Higher subscription fees
Customer Support
Responsive customer support
Varied customer support options
Scales with business growth
May require additional software